Fresh rumours say Xbox One will abandon controversial policies

If the latest web rumours are true, Microsoft is poised to announce a revised agenda for second-hand games and online check-in.

Whathifi and Giant Bomb are both claiming via independent sources that the format-holder will abandon controversial plans that would demand Xbox One connect to Microsoft HQ servers once every 24 hours.

It is also said that this means the decision to allow publishers to charge for trade-in and buying used games will be scotched too.

On Xbox One, all game discs will work ‘as they do on 360’ says one of the reports.

Two weeks ago Microsoft confirmed that new game ownership strategies – designed to allow players to retain ownership of games in the cloud and access them from other devices – would mean a new approach to how games are sold and owned, and changes to how players could borrow them from friends or rent them from retailers.

But the strategy has been met with cynicism from gamers, the specialist press, and some retailers, who fear what the move does to the current retail market.

Sony even took the opportunity at E3 last week to confirm that it would not try these strategies – an announcement met with glowing applause at its press conference.

It is said the move will be announced today – we’ll publish the official confirmation should it appear.

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