Friday’s Five Second Facts

Read and remember these stats so you can sound clever at the next Monday morning meeting.

Worldwide sales of FIFA 12, with over 1m sold in the UK. The iOS app has also been downloaded 879,000 times in its first week.
Read more: 1 week, 3.2m sales –FIFA 12 is a hit

The amount that remaining developer staff at Team Bondi were owed before the studio closed down
Read more: 830,000 goes unpaid to Team Bondi staff

The age of Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs when he passed away last week
Read more: Steve Jobs is dead

How much British game developers contributed to the UK economy last year
Read more: British game devs ‘pump 1bn into UK economy’

The limited time price of We Sing Robbie Williams which was re-released last week
Read more: Robbie WIlliams makes 10 comeback

US consumer spend on boxed video games in Q2 2011
Read more: New boxed games lose out in US market

Number of apps downloaded on the Apple App Store to date
Read more: Apple: App Store dev revenue tops $3 billion

The amount of money that Sony is spending on marketing Uncharted 3
Read more: Uncharted 3

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