‘Full’ Moshi Monsters iPad app coming soon

Mind Candy believes that tablets are the future of gaming – and it wants to make the most of it by brining a ‘full’ Moshi Monsters app to iPad.

With over 60m registered users, the desktop version has already been joined by some spin-off iOS apps, as well as DS title Moshi Monsters: Moshlings.

But Mindy Candy’s chief executive Michael Acton-Smith wants to ensure his company is ready for the future.

"We’re hopefully going to launch Pocket Moshi or Moshi-on-the-Move or whatever it’s called in the next few months," he told The Guardian.

"We’re going to make it free, and hopefully have millions of kids playing it. 18 months ago, we were saying like most people ‘are kids really going to have mobiles? Are parents going to buy 500 iPads for their kids? And the answer is absolutely yes.”

"We really firmly believe at Mind Candy that the tablet device is going to be the dominant form of entertainment for kids over the next few years. If we just focused on desktop, in the next year or two we’d be a dinosaur."

The company’s tablet aspirations span wider than this, however. Acton-Smith wants to see the company evolve into a content provider for third parties, with the idea being that it would be a safe, reliable source that parents can have confidence in.

"This could be a great opportunity for promoting new apps that third parties have developed," he added. "We’re almost thinking of Mind Candy as a publisher curating apps that we’d like to promote to our audience.

"Until recently, great ideas could get lucky and bubble up. We’ve seen Angry Birds and Talking Tom and a host great stuff, but that’s getting harder and harder.

That’s where we see potential for us to come along as a publisher… We can curate new apps and say ‘this is fantastic’, and present it to our audience."

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