Full Move control for Portal 2

"Complete" PlayStation Move support has been guaranteed for the PS3 version of Portal 2.

Chet Faliszek of developer Valve told the German PlayStation blog (as translated by Eurogamer) that the decision was taken as a form of "compensation" for the fact there was never a PS3 version of zombie multiplayer hit Left 4 Dead.

In addition, he also wants to make amends for the PS3 version of 2007 title The Orange Box, which was ported by EA and widely criticised for its technical shortcomings.

"We made a mistake back then and gave the Orange Box console versions to an external team," Falizek stated.

"They did a good job, but didn’t quite achieve the same quality level that we have at Valve. Now everything happens in-house, we created a special console department just for that.

"So the move to the PlayStation 3 comes late – we’re sorry for that. As a small compensation we have PS3-exclusive cloud saving, a free code for PC and complete PlayStation Move support. Move is also a completely new experience for us, thus the system isn’t fully integrated yet.

"Look at it as a compensation for Left 4 Dead."

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