‘Full’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown lands on iOS this summer

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will receive a full port for iOS, Firaxis Games has announced.

The turn-based strategy reboot is being ported by 2K China, with guidance from Firaxis, and is set to arrive this summer on unspecified iOS devices.

Polygon reports the port has been in the works for nearly a year, prior to the game’s launch on consoles and PC.

"The idea was to port the game fully," lead developer Jake Solomon stated. "The one exception we made was to the number of maps in the game, but we still have all the destructible environments, there’s the fog of war — this is a full AAA game we’re porting. It really is XCOM."

Solomon added that Enemy Unknown appeared to be a game that would lend itself to iOS controls, and when tested, the team found the results matched the speculation.

"I think that moving your soldiers feels super intuitive with touch controls," Solomon says. "It was one of those things that was a challenge for us to figure out on consoles where you steer the cursor with the gamepad. It was actually much easier on the iPad because it mimics the PC in the sense that it’s easier to steer your soldier, because all you do is look at the screen and click."

The previously announced Mac version of the game received a release date of April 25th. Dubbed the Elite Edition, the release will include Slingshot and Elite Soldier DLC, as well as the second wave update.

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