Further delays announced in Japan

A number of further titles have seen their release delayed in Japan as the nation continues to cope with the destruction caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Tecmo Koei has placed a TBA on 3DS fighter Dead or Alive Dimensions, which was scheduled for release next Thursday (March 24th).

Nintendo’s 3DS launch title Steel Diver has also been pushed back, as well as Konami’s DS game Powerful Golf.

Andriasang reports that publisher Irem has gone one step further by officially cancelling the release of Disaster Report 4 altogether. The game, which is the latest release in the popular PS2 and PSP series, begins by placing players in an earthquake ravaged city.

There has been further disruption, too. Capcom has cancelled its Monster Hunter Festa tournament that was to take place in the southern Fukuoka region and also scrapped plans for a Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition contest in Chiba.

On Monday both Sega’s Yakuza of the End and Sony’s Motorstorm were delayed, with the latter also seeing its UK release pushed back to some time next month.

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