Future open to single-game mags

Future Publishing has told MCV it will consider creating other magazines dedicated to a single game – after the announcement of its global World Of Warcraft publication yesterday.

As revealed by MCV, Future’s quarterly WoW magazine will be available to consumers quarterly via a yearly subscription. The publisher has decided against stocking the title in stores.

The mag will be headed up by games media veteran Julian Rignall, assisted by PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards in the UK, and won’t carry advertising.

An annual subscription to the Official World Of Warcraft Magazine will cost consumers 29.95/€34.95.

There are some precedents for Future in terms of single-software products – not least, of course, the Official PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox magazines,” publishing director James Binns told MCV.

But World of Warcraft’s scale is unique – it has 11.5 million subscribers. If we did this for a game with a hundred thousand, it wouldn’t be so great. However, where we see opportunities, we’ll always be open to this sort of deal. WoW is the best possible product you’d ever want to do it with, though. We’re certainly starting at the top.”

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