Futurlab’s Velocity follow-up has no publisher interest, despite millions of players

There is a sequel to Velocity 2X, Futurlab’s excellent mix of shmup, teleport-puzzler and 2D shooter, which has been worked on at the studio in secret for years. It is called Velocity Supernova, and at the time of writing it is unlikely to release.

In a ‘TRUTH BOMB’ thread over on Twitter, Futurlab expressed its disappointment with the ongoing saga behind Supernova – despite download figures into the millions for previous titles, as well as Metacritic scores in the upper echelons, no publisher has yet to sign the game up for release because the series has not racked up the sales figures on top of all its other achievements.

As one tweet in the thread put it: “Pretty much any publisher you can think of has seen it. Sequel to a 90 Metacritic? Wow. Does it look great? Yep. Does it play great? Yep. Does it do new things? Hell yes. Ok, we’re interested. How many players of the previous game? Over a million. Great! How did it sell? Oh…”

The thread goes into step by step detail of previous releases and how each has come to impact negatively on Supernova – from the PS4/Vita PlayStation Plus freebie, which was downloaded in the millions but actually paid for by far fewer; through the PC release – at the same time as Windows 10 and with a game-breaking bug that took over a year to fix; and on to the ‘very public disaster’ of 2X’s physical release via Badland Games.

“This is probably your last chance to see a fully deserving sequel happen,” the thread continues, “I wouldn’t be doing this if not. Show @CurveDigital how much you want it.”

Velocity 2X is soon to release on Nintendo Switch, with Curve acting as publisher. Futurlab is still working on PSVR title Mini Mech Mayhem, with a release date as yet unknown.

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