G Into Gaming announces diversity and inclusion workshops in conjunction with Testronic

The G Into Gaming gender diversity initiative has teamed up with QA and localisation specialist Testronic to host a series of diversity and inclusion workshops and seminars on October 22nd in London.

The event runs from 1pm until 4pm and includes talks such as ‘G Into Gaming: An Update’ from Liz Prince, founder of the initiative and business manager at Amiqus, ‘Unconscious Bias: How It Plays Out in the Workplace – And What To Do About It,’ ‘Diversity & Inclusion Takeaways from the Music, Tech & TV/Film Sectors’ and ‘How to Fix Company Culture: Interactive Roundtables.’

The discussions will address the various challenges that the games industry faces in order to become more diverse and inclusive. They will also look at how other industries have learned to address gender imbalance within companies.

With only around 20% of the gaming industry workforce being female, G Into Gaming focuses on four key areas when tackling key diversity and inclusion issues in gaming. These include attracting women from outside the industry into games, supporting women already in the industry, working with schools, universities and parents to promote games as an attractive career option, and providing studios with practical advice.

The event takes place at Ticketmaster HQ in Islington on the afternoon of October 22nd. The firm has previously held events promoting women in tech.

It’s free to attend but limited tickets are limited. Tickets are available to reserve here.

Story by Jennifer Allen

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