G2 Esports to start streaming on Facebook Live

G2 Esports has announced that it intends to start streaming on Facebook Live from next month. 

The move is an attempt to “grow its global audience, unlock new sponsorship opportunities, and elevate engagement with its brand to new levels,” according to a statement from the organisation. 

This does not mean that G2 players will not be streaming on Twitch, by all accounts that will still happen, this is just an extra platform to provide content and engage with fans. The Facebook live streams will include behind the scenes looks at events as well as traditional gameplay streams. 

“One of G2’s biggest goals is to share our love of this industry with all fans by making our content as accessible as we can, while also helping lesser-known streamers looking to make a name for themselves,” said G2 founder and CEO Carlos “ocelote”Rodríguez Santiago. “We pride ourselves on innovation, and by leaning into Facebook as an audience platform, we see a world of new opportunities beyond what the current streaming ecosystem offers.”

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