G2A says over 50 devs are on board with revenue sharing scheme

Controversial online retailer G2A has claimed that its G2A Direct developer revenue sharing service is off to a strong start.

Announced four months ago, G2A Direct is an attempt to answer the severe criticism levelled at the online key seller by offering a split of sales to developers. Now PCGamesN reports that G2A account manager Mario Mirek has said that over 50 developers are already signed up.

Partner studios include Hi-Rez, SuperHot and Playrise.

It’s taking us a long time to get them onboard, because when we launched Direct we weren’t expecting to get such a good response,” said Mirek.

CEO Bartosz Skwarczek told MCV last month that the company received 700 developer payment applications in the first three weeks of G2A Direct going live.

We are surprised that the reception has been so good,” he said. We had to grow our department for co-operating with developers. It’s great.

We want developers to be a part of the marketplace ecosystem. When we started G2A, we wanted to work with developers, but they didn’t want to work with us. After that, we created a marketplace, we opened for the customers and we created a marketplace with 10m users. Now I think is the time to bring it altogether.

Developers are happy because of customers and customers are happy because there’s more content. There’s one important thing there – the more sellers we have on our marketplace, the more competition there is. And competition is good. Because end users receive the better product. This is how G2A works. Every day we are looking for new solutions like G2A Direct.”

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