Gadget games bonanza hits retail

The biggest gaming gadgets of 2011 will be released in the next six days and consumer anticipation is sky high, say media experts.

Nintendo’s 3DS and Apple’s iPad 2 are both due on sale today (Friday, March 25th).

Meanwhile, Sony’s PlayStation Phone – Xperia Play – is set for Thursday, March 31st.

And the gadget press are expecting a close battle for consumer interest.

The 3DS and Xperia Play will have a decent scrap for our gaming pounds and it’ll be interesting to see how they impact the iPhone and iPad’s recent gaming success,” said T3 editor Kieran Alger.

These devices compete on many levels but also have their own unique take on what consumers will want next.
3DS is playing the glasses-free 3D angle while the Xperia Play looks like bringing big console franchises to a portable device in a way that finally makes sense in terms of quality.

The iPad 2’s additions make it look more like the multi-purpose tool we had hoped for first time around.

Our readers have shown huge interest in all three devices as they are certainly among the headline acts for the coming year.”

Stuff Magazine’s news editor Tom Wiggins added: The three products are so different I’m not sure they’re in direct competition, but there’s certainly some overlap.

All three offer extra functionality that neither of the other two can, so while an Xperia Play owner may not feel the need for an extra mobile gaming device there are still many other reasons for them to buy an iPad.

Similarly, the iPad can’t make phone calls and won’t fit in your pocket.”

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