GALLERY: Half-Life 3 artwork leaks

What appears to be a number of confirmed Half-Life 3 concept artworks have been leaked online.

The images originate from a Picasa album (that has since been removed) owned by Valve artist Andrea Andrea Wicklund.

Now OXM reports that community mods on the Steam forums have confirmed the legitimacy of the images. A selection of comments follows:

"I know who the source is, but I’m not going to give it away just yet for exclusivity reasons."
"Well, tis legit.”
"Awesomes. Hats off to for the scoop. I wonder will Valve officially comment on these pictures?"
"These are real. Now keep in mind it is only concept art – but what has been posted are not fake."

These images originate from 2008 so may or may not be relevant to the game’s current development. Either way, you can see the lot below:

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