GAME customers charged £235 for Super Mario Maker in payment gaffe

GAME has apologised after some customers were overcharged by up to five times for Wii U title Super Mario Maker.

The upcoming build-it-yourself Mario game is due out this Friday, and a handful of those who pre-ordered the title were surprised to find that up to 234.95 – five times the game’s RRP – was withdrawn from their bank accounts.

GAME responded to concerned customers on Twitter, reassuring them that anyone who had been overcharged would be refunded within the following 24 hours.

However, some customers have since reported that they have been charged several more times, with one Twitter user saying they were yet to receive a refund, but had been charged seven times for the game.

The payment gaffe is the second such issue suffered by GAME in recent weeks, after 371 customers who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Metal Gear Solid V were overcharged for the 99.99 SKU.

Meanwhile, customers who brought the standard edition of Konami’s stealth title suffered a separate problem, as up to 370 orders were cancelled without warning.

UPDATE: Charlotte Knight, UK retail MD at GAME,has issued to a statement to MCV regarding the Super Mario Maker payment problems.

"Yesterday we became aware of an issue with some isolated orders," she said.

"This has impacted a number of customerswho pre-orderedtheWii U exclusive Super Mario Maker.Customers may see, in some cases, duplicated billing for their order,whichappears as a pending transaction on their account.We are working closely with our banking partners to resolve this issue urgently.

"If you find you are affected, our customer service team can be contacted on this dedicated hotline number01256 784400or you can email us

"Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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