Game filmmaker Uwe Boll drops all the f-bombs as Rampage 3 Kickstarter fails

Director Uwe Boll has released an expletive-laden video criticising… well, everyone, for his failed attempt to Kickstart Rampage 3.

Boll has previously made movie adaptations of House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Dungeon Siege, Postal, Far Cry and, perhaps most infamously, Alone in the Dark.

His latest crowdfunding effort is a third entry in his Rampage series. The campaign isn’t actually over yet, although it has to date raised just €22,832 of its €50,000 goal.

Basically my message is ‘fuck yourself’ because it is so fucking absurd what retarded amateur idiots are collecting money on that absurd website,” he said in the video below.

We get approached by people like Kickstarter, ‘do it do it’, and you have hundreds and thousands of people contacting you to make a fast dime to say ‘I can push your campaign’ and I get ten per cent of whatever you collect and it’s all fucking bullshit and I will never do it in my life again.

For me crowdfunding is absolutely dead. Goodbye.”

That wasn’t quite it, however, as Boll then proceeds to criticise movie-goers for preferring Avengers to his won work.

It looks like no-one gives a shit about Rampage 3 so maybe I shouldn’t do it then?” he asked. I have enough money to play golf until I’m dead. I want to do Rampage 3 because it is an important movie but it looks like you’re easier giving $600k if you make a movie about some retarded wizard in a forest or for another, whatever, Marvel Avengers bullshit dirt so goodbye and goodbye Hollywood.”

Boll previously failed in an attempt to crowdfund a second Postal film. He was after $500k. He raised just under $30k. This is also the third time he’s tried, and failed, to crowdfund Rampage 3.

In 2008 he promised to retire if a petition calling for him to do so attracted 1m signatures. Which it did. And he didn’t.

Here’s the video:

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