Game If You Are announces The Indie Spotlight

The game marketing agency Game If You Are has announced a new initiative called The Indie Spotlight, which will focus on helping developers from under-represented backgrounds in the games industry.

Developers that receive help from The Indie Spotlight will get support from Game If You Are to develop a marketing strategy, with tailored input that should help new games to reach their audiences for the best chance at success. Spots are limited due to logistical reasons, so Game If You Are are looking for games that stand out, where they think they can add the most value with their help. 

Game If You Are has worked with several notable indie publishers and developers in the past, including Armor Games Studios, TinyBuild and more.

“At Game If You Are, we’ve always sought to help indie developers from all walks of life and all parts of the world, and aim to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. That said, we often speak to indie developers who still really struggle to access the services that could make or break their projects. I’ll always remember quoting one developer for a simple PR campaign, and their response was eye-opening: ‘There’s just no way we can afford that – it’s a year’s rent in our country.’

Since then, we’ve been talking more and more about the sheer number of folks that find themselves on the fringes of the game development community – whether because of where they live, their race or ethnicity, sexuality or gender identity, disability, and more besides. The more we thought and talked about it, the more we understood how many are excluded from the sorts of services that could provide them with the visibility and engagement they deserve, to share the unique stories they have to tell. It’s a topic that’s close to all of our hearts for a variety of personal reasons – and we’re excited to work with an ever-more-diverse selection of indie developers, and to evolve the initiative in consultation with them.” said Lewis Denby, Founder of Game If You Are in a statement accompanying the announcement.

If you’d like to apply for The Indie Spotlight and receive support from Game If You Are, you can do so on this page here

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