Game software market to reach $100bn by 2018 – report

The games industry is expected to hit $100bn in software revenue alone by 2018, new research from DFC Intelligence suggests.

Games Industry reports on DFC’s findings, which state software revenue in 2014 should be around $64bn globally, but that the dedication of core gamers paired with the exploding mobile market will likely lead to accelerated growth towards the $100bn milestone.

DFC now expects the mobile game market to go from $10bn in 2013 to $29bn in 2018, after having previously predicted a mobile software figure of $17bn in 2018.

"The new console systems are doing well but much of the predicted growth is on mobile platforms and in BRIC countries,” DFC analyst David Cole said.

What we are seeing is a game market in 2018 that is likely to be split fairly evenly between console, PC and mobile platforms.”

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