GAME: Ubisoft Vita stock shock a "fluid situation"

News that GAME would not be stocking Ubisoft’s launch line-up for PlayStation Vita surprised many yesterday, but the retailer said there may still be hope.

Marketing director Anna-Marie Mason told MCV at last night’s launch that this was a "fluid situation" and that the retailer was compensating for any customers who had pre-ordered a Ubisoft Vita game.

"It’s disappointing that we’re not able to give our customers the Ubisoft line-up at launch, but they can still get those games," said Mason.

"They can download them [via Vita] and we’ve offered refunds to anyone that pre-ordered these titles with us.

"This is a fast-moving business, so what we’re not able to stock today, we may well be able to stock tomorrow. It’s a fluid situation."

Ubisoft has released five titles for Vita’s launch: Rayman Origins, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Asphalt Injection and Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

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