GameJacket offers ‘huge audience reach’ through casual games ads

A new company looking to revolutionise the way free online games are monetised is offering core games publishers the chance to promote their products to a huge games-savvy audience.

GameJacket is an advanced advertising solution for online games – developers using the system can sign up to the service and have specific ads piped into their games, regardless of where they are hosted on the web.

According to Simon Jones, MD of GameJacket, advertising "games in games" is a key opportunity – publishers can promote their big budget titles before gameplay in a short-form casual game and take advantage of the widening games demographic.

"One of the big problems with viral content is that you lose control of it – a popular Flash game can be posted on a site but then gets reposted everywhere else and the ownership in many respects gets lost," says Jones. "GameJacket’s answer requires very little coding and means we can always get specific ads into games, no matter where they are played."

Specifically, games publishers can place ads for new releases in popular free to play online games and be confident their campaigns will be seen, said Jones.

"We all know that Flash games now are huge, played by millions – more people have played Desktop Tower Defence in the past year than have ever owned or touched a Nintendo DS. So there is a huge audience we can reach.

"This is a great way to reach those people who might be too far on the fringe to usually buy a game, but are already playing games via casual gaming sites and web portals.

"So if you are trying to get people to buy your boxed games why not try to attract people who are already playing casual games? This is the low hanging fruit and there’s plenty on offer to the industry."

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