Gamers play 285k years of Rift in March

Rift users have racked up over 285,000 years of play time since the game launched last month.

Stats sent to IGN report that players have spent a combined total of 284,846 years in Rift’s world over the past 28 years –a period that is 84,000 years longer than it took humanity to evolve form neandertholds”, Trion Worlds helpfully adds.

Trion also reports that people have played 2,496,966,514 minutes playing the game, collected 9,135,265 souls and have killed 350,862,597 people. The publisher also used the latter to work out how much more badass than Rambo these Rift players are.

Rift launched in the UK on March 4th and has been selling well in the PC charts ever since.

At the end of the stats, Trion World wrote: What the hell have [players] become? A whole bunch of people who got bored with World of Warcraft, apparently”.

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