Gamers prefer to buy from brands with a purpose outside of profit, says Gameloft

Gamers are more trusting of brands than non-gamers, but prefer to buy from brands that have a purpose outside of just seeking profit. This is according to a report from Gameloft for Brands, titled Gamers & Brands, which draws on findings from three studies involving over 80,000 gamers, 1,800 brands, and in collaboration with Vivendi businesses.

The report described gamers as ‘consumer activists,’ finding that 58 per cent of gamers say they prefer to buy from brands with a purpose other than profits, as opposed to 51 per cent of non-gamers.

Gamers also have high expectations for brands, with 44 per cent of gamers saying that the content provided by brands is not meaningful to them.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of gamers say they have more trust in socially and environmentally responsible brands, as opposed to 55 per cent of non gamers.

Conversely however, gamers are more trusting of companies and brands. 56 per cent of gamers responded that they trust companies and brands, as opposed to 47 per cent of non-gamers who said the same. As a result of this trust, gamers are more likely to act as an amplifier for a brand’s message, with 57 per cent of gamers saying they are a source of advice for their friends and family, as opposed to 48 per cent of non gamers.

The five most meaningful brands for gamers were Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and YouTube.


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