Games cost 27% less in the UK than Germany

Admittedly, we can’t afford to drive our cars or heat our homes, but at least gaming remains affordable in the UK.

That’s the finding of price comparison site Idealo, which claims that on average PS3 games are 25.4 per cent cheaper in the UK than in major European market Germany.

Xbox 360 games are 24.9 per cent cheaper, while PC games are an eye-watering 32.6 per cent cheaper. Overall that averages out as a 27.3 per cent price difference.

The report analysed top chart title released between June and December 2011.

It claims that the average price of an Xbox 360 game during the period was 33.94 compared to €49.13 (41.76) in Germany. PS3 games in the UK cost 33.34 in the UK and €48.78 (41.43) in the UK.

For the biggest titles such as Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, the price disparity was even larger – 35 per cent.

VAT rates between the two countries differ by only a single per cent. However, the relative weakness of Sterling throughout the period will have no doubt played a large factor in the results.

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