Games industry pays tribute to Steve Jobs

Key executives from the UK and global games industry have shared their admiration and sadness for Steve Jobs, who yesterday passed away.

Steve Jobs was the modern day equivalent of two industrial icons from the past,” Nintendo’s UK boss David Yarnton told MCV.

Henry Ford in that he brought personal computing and digital entertainment to the masses except you could get more colours than Black and Mercedes Benz; in what he brought to the market was innovative, stylish and of high quality.

It is amazing to think what he achieved in his time, having only started Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976 and after having been forced out and returning in 1997 to rescue the company he managed to build the company into what it is now a true icon of style and innovation he is a great loss to technology and the world.”

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens says Jobs’ impact will be widely felt and long-lasting.

Steve Jobs was the definitive genius of the modern age,” he told MCV. History will recognise him as such.He proved that innovation and creativity win out over corporate doctrine. His relentless pursuit of design and technological excellence resonated with the global consumer and took Apple to the fore. His footprint is indelibly stamped on people’s lives and habits in a way not foreseen by others.

Belief in his own ability was without compromise and that meant success not matched elsewhere as competitors could only admire from afar. Steve Jobs had style and flair. He was inspirational. The world witnessed a true great at work and lapped it up. He built a Company of talent which will march to his drum beat for years to come.”

Lionhead boss and British design legend Peter Molyneux told MCV: "Steve Jobs single handily proved that great design make great products and was without doubt the most revered and quoted creative genius. We in the games industry will feel the benefits of his brilliance for many decades to come."

UKIE and Mastertronic’s Andy Payne admits that Jobs was a personal hero of his.

Steve Jobs one of my all time heroes alongside TE Lawrence, Simon Fraser Lord Lovat, Stirling, Orde Wingate, Guy Gibson, Jim Clark,” he stated. When I was at art college in 1984 my first project was ‘design an icon around the letter A’. My design was ‘A is for Apple’.

When my tutor asked me what it meant I showed him the Apple Macintosh ad in a magazine and said ‘this is the future for design’. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were my heroes. My love for Apple started, when they sacked Jobs, I hated them. Goodbye Mr Jobs.”

Yarnton, Cousens and Payne are not alone in paying tribute. In fact, games execs from across the world have taken a time to spare a thought for the technology giant:

Sony CEO Howard Stringer:
"The digital age has lost its leading light, but Steve’s innovation and creativity will inspire dreamers and thinkers for generations."

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello:
"Steve was one of a kind. For many of us working in technology and entertainment, Steve was a new kind of hero that lead with big, bold moves and would not settle for less than perfection. He is the best role model for a leader that aspires to be great."

Epic Games president Michael Capps:
"Steve advised us to ‘find what you love.’ He found what he loved, and he changed our entire world doing it. His passion united so many talented people to focus on innovation, on quality, on usability. Steve’s true legacy isn’t in the products built so far, but in his lasting vision that guides Apple in bringing us the future."

Additional quotes sourced from USA Today

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