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Adam McCann, MD of Pro-G Media, tells MCV about VideoGamer’s rebirth and the constant battle against Google

2014 is a big year for VideoGamer – the site has doubled down on its titular format and is preparing to launch a complete refresh of its site.

Adam McCann, MD of website parent Pro-G Media, says the site has grown in key areas.

Video has been a big focus for us in the last 18 months, and we’ve had good results – our YouTube channel exploded early last year and continues to go from strength to strength, and our weekly live streams on Twitch have been very well received,” he tells MCV.

We’re still working on improving and growing our written editorial, continually adapting to see how we can more efficiently convey coverage to our users,” he explains.

There’s also been more of a spotlight on indie games over the last year, and we have followed suit with some fantastic coverage.”

"Google and its constant algorithm changes are an ongoing challenge for us."

Adam McCann, Pro-G Media

And now it’s launching a new website.

The company is gearing up for the launch of the next version of VideoGamer, which has been developed completely from scratch with a modernised design and backend infrastructure,” states McCann.

But despite this evolution, McCann says that VideoGamer still struggles to keep up with the shifting challenge of discoverability.

Google and its constant algorithm changes are an ongoing challenge for us,” he admits.

Their guidelines state that you should not think too hard about your sites from an SEO perspective, but instead build them around what your users want and expect to see.

But we find we have to focus on appeasing their always-evolving requirements to not fall behind.”

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