Games price hike ‘worrying’, says Asda

Asda’s entertainment director Fergal Gara has questioned the publishing community’s recent decision to raise RRP of top triple-A software.

As revealed by MCV, Activision and other publishers have pushed up the RRP of top upcoming games, including Modern Warfare 2.

Gara (pictured) told MCV:

It is a worry. We don’t think this is the time to take up the price of products for customers in a recession in a market that is already down.

"We are worried what affect this will have on the market, and clearly when you operate on the narrow margins that we do, then how we will make this up in our business is a concern.”

Industry legend Chris Deering yesterday warned that blockbuster games would have to be sold at 70 in order to support the industry as they did a decade ago.

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