Games TV ad lengths: 2010 vs 2011

Generation Media takes a look at why more games TV advertisements are longer than ever, with a year-on-year comparison.

The chart below demonstrates how advertisers of games and consoles have changed the length of their communications from 2010 into 2011.The most obvious change has been in the use of longer commercials, with 30-second exposure rising by 8.9 per cent. This means there are more 30-second TVRs in 2011, where one TVR is equivalent to one per cent of a target audience.

This has been a reaction to the cluttered marketplace. There have been close to 200 games and consoles campaigns on air this year, so increasing the amount of screen time with cinematic spots is one way of maximising engagement. For example, Activision employed Hollywood actors for its Call of Duty commercial and Bethesda used actors for its 60-second Skyrim spot.

However, longer spots can be less effective. This is why shorter ads remain important as they help optimise the frequency with which a campaign is seen, building coverage against those who would see an ad more than once.

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