GamesAid has chosen six charities to support for 2022/2023

GamesAid has decided upon the six charities that it will provide funding to at the end of the financial year. This year’s fundraising efforts will support disabled children, autistic players, young cancer sufferers, individuals that are insecurely housed or homeless and kids who have suffered bereavements. 

Trustees from GamesAid will also help the selected charities to connect to the games industry for further support. Typically GamesAid selects five charities, but the organisation voted in favour of supporting six after two charities tied for fifth place in the selection vote that ended on June 26, 2022.

This year’s charities are AFK, Autistica Play, Lifelites, Solving Kids Cancer, The Clock Tower Sanctuary and Winston’s Wish. 

“I’m staggered by the range of amazing work that GamesAid’s selected causes for 2022/2023 do to support young people in their communities and humbled that we have such a great opportunity to support their endeavours. I encourage everyone in the UK industry to find one way to boost GamesAid’s fundraising efforts this year – whether through donating, attending one of our events or supporting our forthcoming bundles – to help us back these great charities and demonstrate how much good games can do.” said George Osborn, Co-Chair of GamesAid, in a statement accompanying the announcements.

If you’d like to find out more about GamesAid and its supported charities, you can do that here.

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