GAMESCOM: Crackdown 3 confirmed for 2016, will use the cloud

Microsoft has at last detailed some of the features that it hopes will make Crackdown 3 one of the biggest games of 2016.

With the bold claim that the game engine will change the way you play games forever”, the title will offer what it promises is a 100 per cent destructible world, or the ultimate sandbox”.

Multiplayer is the focus, but perhaps more notable is the revelation that the game will utilise Microsoft’s cloud computing tech to apparently deliver 20x the computational power offered by the Xbox alone.

There’s a brand new city not seen in the previous Crackdown games and a Shadow of Mordor style criminal hierarchy that players must disrupt.

Also back are the agents’ superhuman abilities and transforming vehicles.

Crackdown 3 will be released in 2016.

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