Gameseek boosts marketplace by discounting AAA titles to just £15

Online retailer Gameseek has informed MCV that it’s shaking up the games retail space with some very aggressive pricing. CEO Stephen Staley says that the site is now "selling AAA new releases as low as 15 each." The intitial promotions are set to cost the company 250,000 but that’s just the start, with Staley insisting that it will continue to run these low prices indefinitely.

The pay-off for Gameseek is that the increased traffic to the site will benefit its third-party retailers. Gameseek recently relaunched a new responsive site with a heavy emphasis on its new third-party marketplace, which has a simplifed fee system with no listings or sign-up fees. Retailers can sign up at Gameseek Marketplace.

We’ve been given a list of deals that are live on the site, or upcoming, and the prices are stunning. Uncharted Lost Legacy will indeed cost just 15, the SNES Mini is priced at just 50 and upcoming Switch titles, Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids, are just 25 – as is the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins, Forza 7 and Far Cry 5 – amongst many others.We don’t know how much stock Gameseek is putting behind each deal, but at these prices it’s certain to create a stir.

Gameseek were in the news last year after honouring its low Switch pre-order price of 198.50. That price is set to return as part of the deals, though again we don’t know exactly when, or how long that particular will last.

The promotion will centre on pre-order prices, in order to avoid direct competition with third-party retailers, who at present can only sell current releases and other items on the site. Head see the first deals now.

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