GameSeek to relaunch website as the ‘best e-commerce game store on Earth’

Online retailer Gameseek is to relaunch its website to create what CEO and managing director Stephen Staley calls "the best e-commerce game store on Earth."

The new, responsive website will be built from the ground up in HTML 5, Staley told MCV, with new features being added over time. Chief among these is the brand-new Gameseek Marketplace, which launches on Monday July 31st. This will be a place where both individuals and other retailers can sell their goods, be it gaming related or home and garden products, to Gameseek’s 2m+ customer base without risk, says Staley.

With no insertion fees, no setup fees and no monthly fees, all Marketplace sellers will be on a level playing field and given the same information about how to control the buy box on each page. All sellers will receive the same commission as well.

"Our aim is to dramatically increase customer engagement by building an innovative shopping experience," said Staley. "It’s 2017 and I don’t think being an online shop is enough anymore. We feel you need to build an experience, so we’re about to go through a dramatic change and improvement over the next six months."

Staley is also confident that some of Gameseek’s new features will change the face of e-commerce:

"There will be a massive amount of increased engagement, […] and I can mention we will be paying customers to interact with us as well. We will build a terrific, and the biggest gaming community, based on a retail website very quickly. I’m also very confident we will become the most visited specialist gaming e-commerce website in the UK within a few years."

It will be some time before GameSeek’s new website is fully operational, with Staley estimating it could take as long as four months to implement every last feature, but it’s clear the retailer is excited to be taking the store in a new direction.

"We’re soft launching the site, perhaps ahead of schedule, because of how poor our current website is," says Staley.

"The new website, even in the condition it’s in right now, will be a better experience for the customer than we can currently offer with the old site. Some of the features we will be launching on our website have never been done before, and we are that confident that some of our ideas are going to change e-commerce. But I can tell you when we get there, we’ll let the public decide if we have built the best game store on Earth."

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