GameStick’s latest public release date lines up against PS4

Production delays have forced Android-powered microconsole GameStick’s public release to fall alongside the launch of the PlayStation 4.

PlayJam chief marketing officer Anthony Johnson explained the latest delay from November 8th to the end of the current business week is due to logistical issues.

"The date was pushed back to the 15th for no other reason than production and logistics delays," Johnson confirmed to Polygon.

"GameStop’s shipment landed in Texas this morning awaiting customs clearance so it is well on its way."

Several Kickstarter backers for the hardware have also run into issues during their early access – including UI freezes, the device running too hot, and wireless internet connection failures.

"We had a few teething issues highlighted during our Kickstarter activations — the majority of which have been ironed out," Johnson assured.

The public launch was originally dated for the end of September, but was delayed on multiple occasions through October and into November.

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