GameStop explains its trade-in programme… with goats

US retail giant GameStop has rolled out an… interesting marketing push to promote its trade-in scheme.

The firm has launched a new trailer (below) which explains its (admittedly, pretty simply) trade-in scheme using goats.

GameSpot reports that two versions of this ad (one 30 second, another 60 second) will be running between May 2nd and May 29th on the likes of Comedy Central, Adult Swim and Toon Disney. It was produced by ad agency The Richards Group.

GameStop isn’t the only specialist retailer to come up with weird ways of promoting/explaining trade-ins. In February of this year, GAME launched TIM (Trade-In Machine) to boost its trade-in programme.

Call us biased, but we prefer TIM. Cute, a bit BB-8ish, and less likely to be the subject of a complaint from PETA.

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