GameStop sales to hit $1.5bn in 2014

US games retail giant GameStop is expected to reach revenues of $1.5bn in 2014 due to an increased digital push.

Financial research firm Baird predicts sales volume from GameStop properties will grow from $500m this year, with a growth rate of 50 per cent each year going forwards. It came up with these figures following investor meetings with GameStop executives.

Baird expects GameStop to take a large share of the digital game download market from the major player in this sector – Steam. This is following GameStop’s acquisition of digital distributor Impulse.

The retailer purchased streaming games technology firm Spawn Labs and revealed plans to launch new Facebook games earlier this year, as part of a bid to become a ‘multi-channel retailer’. GameStop management suggested they are now interested in potentially creating games and apps on mobile platforms.

GameStop execs also revealed they may rollout pre-owned sales of iOS devices following a brief test run in certain stores.

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