GameStop: Wii shortages to continue for at least six months

Following the publication of its

latest financial statement

, GameStop COO Dan DeMatteo has stated in an

investor call

that he anticipates supplies of Nintendo’s Wii won’t meet demand for the next two quarters at least”.

He did, however, say that supplies of both Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which Microsoft recently said were set to pick up in time for the arrival of Rockstar’s GTAIV next month, were already improving. The same was said of Nintendo’s in-demand DS. He added that PS3 stock was in good supply.

Of pricing for the year ahead, CFO David Carlson stated that the company was assuming a $50 price cut on PS3, and possibly Xbox 360, as well as a possible smaller cut on PS2. It did not, however, foresee any price movement on Wii or PSP.

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