GameTomb round-up: Little League World Series Baseball returns after over 10 years, SteelRising has players fight robots in 1780s France, and more!, the game discovery portal for content creators and games media created by Dead Good PR, has recently left early access and begun providing software keys to a list of over 2000 users. There are several games now available on the service, exclusively for those who are actively reviewing or creating content for games made by their clients. 

Here are the four games that are most in-demand for codes as of this week, according to a report sent to us by Dead Good PR: 


This challenging action-RPG set in an alternate Paris in the 1780s, will see players defeat Louis XVI’s mad army of mechanical enemies. Viva la Revolution!

Little League World Series Baseball

The upcoming Little League World Series Baseball is the first game in the LLWSB series since 2010. In this relaunch for the series, you can experience all of the fun of Little League Baseball as you lead your team and turn them into champions.

Way of the Hunter

If you want to explore varied open worlds and hunt the animals in them, then Way of the Hunter is the one for you. Feel free to bring a friend along, as this game’s hunts can be played in co-op as well. 

Spirit of the Island

If you enjoy a good life-sim RPG, then you’ll want to give this one a go. Set on a tropical Archipelago, Spirit of the Island has players turn a dangerous island into a place where people want to go on holiday. Sounds fun! 

If these games sound like something you’d like to cover or make content from, and you’d like to apply for an account on, then you can do that here.

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