Gameye announces partnership with Tencent Cloud and launches first Industry Insights Digital Conference

Gameye has announced a new partnership with Tencent Cloud, in order to bring Gameye’s game-hosting service to Tencent Cloud’s servers in China. This partnership opens server capacity in key locations including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and means Gameye will now offer its online game-hosting services to developers and publishers on every continent.

Gameye’s game hosting service is planned to be fully operational in China by Q2 2020.

Additionally, Gameye and Tencent Cloud will host the first digital Industry Insights Conference on the present and future of global multiplayer gaming, on May 6th. The conference will feature companies such as Supercell,, Splash Damage, Kunlun, Makers Fund, Huya and R8 Games, who will discuss the current challenges and future opportunities in developing, publishing and maintaining global multiplayer titles.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Tencent Cloud to extend our service into China as a benefit to developers and publishers in both the east and west,” said Sebastiaan Heijne, Gameye CEO. “Launching and supporting an online game in China can be daunting for developers and publishers, and we’re proud to be the first to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for game studios who need to operate globally. Developers and publishers now need only one partner to run demanding online titles with low latency everywhere on Earth – Gameye.”

“Gameye is an important partner for Tencent Cloud Europe,” said Li Shiwei, VP of Tencent Europe. “We will work together to connect gamers all over the world and to deliver them the best user experience possible with low latency and great performance. This partnership means Gameye customers can take advantage of Tencent Cloud’s performant infrastructure and scale, as well as our strengths in areas like Gaming PaaS, AI and Big Data and Global Reach.”

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