Gaming firms battered in Fortune tech flop list

EA’s Spore might have been

getting some love from US magazine Time

, but fellow mag Fortune has seen fit to include the title in its

list of ‘9 top tech flops’

for this Christmas.

Other gaming companies mentioned include Microsoft and Sony, though not for their gaming output – instead it’s the Zune MP3 player, Windows Vista and Blu-ray feeling Fortune’s wrath.

Of the Zune, Fortune stated: Microsoft’s latest answer to the iPod, with 120 gigabytes of storage and a 3.2-inch high-resolution colour screen, is a vast improvement over the original Zune, which debuted in 2006. But the new Zune faces the same problem as the iPod – smartphones and other Web-enabled devices chock full of features (think iPhone) threaten to render these one-trick players obsolete.”

Vista takes a bit of a bashing too: Need we say more? Only two machines with Microsoft’s latest version of Windows appear on Amazon’s list of 25 top-selling laptops – the fastest growing segment of PC sales. Apple’s MAC OS X and Microsoft’s seven-year-old Windows XP dominate the roster.”

And Sony isn’t safe, either, with it’s standalone Blu-ray player being highlighted: Unlike the Beta vs. VHS video format battle two decades ago, Sony won this war over the next generation of DVDs. But the victory over Toshiba’s HD-DVD standard didn’t help move Sony’s pricey DVD players off store shelves. ‘The format war was a good excuse[for consumers to put off their next DVD purchase,’ said Majestic Research analyst Richard Klugman. ‘Now people are asking: ‘Is it worth it?’”

Along with Spore, the lsit also featured the T-Mobile G1 Google phone, Apple’s MacBook Air, the Nikon D90 DSLR digital camera, Sprint’s North American WiMax service and the Navigon 7200 GPS.

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