Gaming-themed Christmas jumpers hitting UK retail this year

Merchandise firm Numskull is bringing a touch of retro to this year’s festive season, with a new range of gaming-themed jumpers.

The jumpers span a variety of older titles, with pixels transformed into yuletide weave.

The Street Fighter jumper sees series staples Ryu and Ken pulling the hadouken fighting move pose either side of – what else – a snowflake.

The rest of the crimson jumper is speckled with a mix of Christmas patterns, snowflakes and ‘KO’s.

Meanwhile, the bright blue PlayStation offering takes the iconic Triangle, Square, Circle and X face button icons and layers them with leaping reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Sega icon Sonic takes pride of place on a third top, standing on the Green Hill Zone landscape while snowflakes – and Sonic nemesis Doctor Eggman – float in the sky.

The Christmas jumpers all have a trade price of 16.24, and are available from distributorRubber Road.

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