Gaming’s biggest controversies: 10/10

Hilary Clinton? C’mon. The BBFC? Pah. Jack Thompson? Please. All of these industry enemies pale in comparison to the big cheese – Him upstairs. Sony faced the wrath of the Holy Ghost when it pinched an image of Manchester Cathedral for PS3 epic Resistance: Fall Of Man.

The Church Of England used every power in its armoury to ruin the game’s sales (with the exception of a plague of locusts, fire, brimstone, raining frogs etc). It considered legal action and even petitioned BAFTA to whip away the game’s award nomination. Since-proclaimed-Catholic-then-PM Tony Blair even ticked off the company in Parliament.

Sony discussed the situation with the Church, however, and its presence in the national media soon faded away. Is there anything that silver-tongued marvel Ray Maguire can’t sort out?

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