Gas Powered Games cancels Wildman Kickstarter amid studio troubles

The Kickstarter campaign for Gas Powered Games’s Wildman action-RPG has been canceled, as the studio looks to turn its focus inward in hopes of keeping itself up and running.

The crowdfunding effort was called off just four days ahead of its deadline, with under 50 per cent of the funding goal met at the time of cancellation.

"At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running," reads an update from the company on the Kickstarter page. "Unfortunately, we are unable to share any specifics in public. When we have news to share, we will be posting it on our site."

Gas Powered Games suffered substantial layoffs days after the Kickstarter launch, which had CEO Chris Taylor bemoaning the fact that donations from backers had become about saving a company” instead of funding a game.

"I’m really not happy that too many people are pledging not because they like the game, but because they feel sorry for us," Taylor said (via Polygon). "That’s not what making games is about!! I feel terrible about that. I want people to support it because they like the idea. Otherwise it’s not a true process. If it’s the wrong game at the wrong time, then we need to be sent packing."

While no specifics were mentioned, the fate of the Wildman game itself would seem to share the same grim outlook that the studio currently faces.

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