GDC faced bomb threat for granting Anita Sarkeesian an award

The organisers of GDC have revealed that it received a number of bomb threats earlier this year over its decision to hand the Ambassador Award to Anita Sarkeesian.

The Tropes vs Women creator won the gong in March for helping the game industry advance to a better place” and for being an advocate for video games and help further our art”. The bomb threat had demanded that the award be revoked.

"We can confirm that approximately 25 of GDC’s organizers received an anonymous email early in the morning of Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 during GDC 2014," the organisers told Kotaku.

"The email stated the following: ‘A bomb will be detonated at the Game Developer’s Choice award ceremony tonight unless Anita Sarkeesian’s Ambassador Award is revoked. We estimate the bomb will kill at least a dozen people and injure dozens more. It would be in your best interest to accept our simple request. This is not a joke. You have been warned.’"

The San Francisco police department swept the building where the ceremony was to take place. Attendees were not informed but extra security was laid on. And of course the night passed without incident.

Said Sarkeesian: "I decided to go on stage and accept the award anyway, but it was a nerve-wracking evening to say the least."

The new is yet another sickening example of the abuse and harassment Sarkeesian is forced to face every day. It was revealed yesterday that the FBI is currently investigating death threats that last month forced her out of her home.

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