Gears of War 3 gets casual-friendly online mode

There’s no stopping Microsoft and its efforts to bring its stable of IP to as many new consumers as possible.

Speaking at this weekend’s Comic-Con conference, Epic’s executive producer Rod Ferguson said the game is ideally suited to new players because it’s the easiest to play”, USA Today reports.

Admitting that online multiplayer "can be daunting to some players”, he went on to confirm that it will be getting a casual multiplayer area”. Fellow Epic bod Cliff Bleszinski said it is like reverse VIP”.

It will include a range of accessibility enhancements, most notably aim assists. And interestingly, anyone who has played a Gears game previously or took part in the Gears of War 3 beta won’t be able to access it.

A GameVision Brand Map about the Gears of War 3 franchise is available to download directly from MCV’s Reports Section.

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