George Hotz met with Sony engineers

In an extensive feature on the infamous George Geohot” Hotz in The New Yorker, the renowned PS3 hacker has said that he has recently met with Sony engineers to discuss PS3 security.

What’s interesting about Geohotz is his ideology – he’s not a freedom crusader, he’s not looking to bring down ‘the system’. Instead, he describes himself simply as a bored youngster with an interest in tech.

So whereas militant groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec actively look to take the fight” to the man”, Hotz – who has worked for Google and Facebook – is happy to discuss his methods with anybody who wants to listen.

Including his ‘victims’.

In May 2011 Hotz was invited to Sony’s American HQ in Foster City, California.

Nervous but curious, Hotz walked into the building eating from a box of Lucky Charms, dropping marshmallows across the lobby,” the site explains. He was greeted by a roomful of PS3 engineers who, in Hotz’ words, were respectful” in their treatment of him.

If there were going to be lawyers there I was going to be the biggest asshole ever,” he recalled.

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