Get ready for Gamescom with this week’s issue of MCV

This week, MCV has asked people from around the games industry for their tips on surviving Gamescom.

Publishers, PRs and developers have shared their survival advice for the show, as well as sharing where is good to eat and drink, and what their predictions for the show are. And we have all the conference and opening times, as what else there is to do at the show.

And on our cover this week – the UK games media condemns the ad-blocker ‘protection racket’, saying that the online services are costing job and harming the games press.

We also speak to Mojang COO Vu Bui about what’s next for Minecraft, the biggest game on Earth.

And following E3, we speak to some of the leading games media sites about how they covered the LA trade show.

Below are the full contents of this week’s issue. You can read it online here.

  • COVER: UK games media condems ad-blocker ‘protection racket’
  • NEWS: VR collapse is a ‘very real threat’…
  • NEWS: … But Sony says otherwise
  • NEWS: Games Media Awards return with three new categories
  • FEATURE: ‘Our mission is to make Minecraft the most amazing game we can’ – Mojang tells MCV what the future of Minecraft holds
  • FEATURE: Operation: Gamescom – As we prepare to fly out to Cologne for Gamescom, MCV has gone around the industry to get the best tips for surviving the trade show
  • FEATURE: Fallout E3 – how did the UK games media make the most of the show, and how did they fare?
  • INTERVIEW: Microsoft UK sales director Anne Lepissier on how the firm kept pace with Sony’s PS4 – and what comes next
  • INSIGHT: Generation Media’s Alex Smith looks back at the first half of 2015 to see how games advertising has fared
  • INSIGHT: Shahneila Saeed discusses her latest project in collaboration with UKIE – The Digital Schoolhouse
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: One indie’s journey to resurrect local multiplayer
  • APPOINTMENTS: Ubisoft bolsters UK team
  • SHELF LIFE: Stephen Osborne of The Game Place on why Xbox Live points have been selling well and his plans for online retail
  • MARGIN MAKERS: They might not boast fanbases that rival Call of Duty or FIFA in the UK, but cult Japanese franchises have huge audiences. We round up some of the best products in the sector
  • INTERNATIONAL: Serbia’s games market is fast growing into an important presence on the global stage. MCV investigates

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