Get your first current-gen/next-gen comparison footage from new Watch Dogs trailer

It’s always hard to judge what sort of graphical step change a new generation of consoles will deliver.

A video may look impressive, but our memories do funny things – sometimes it’s only when you go back to current machines that you realise just how big an upgrade the new machines will deliver.

A new (albeit short) Watch Dogs trailer, however, allows us a more direct comparison.

So, to begin with check out this short, released yesterday:

Now take a look at this video from a year ago, which was arguably the one that really put Watch Dogs on the map:

The differences are quite stark, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Now, it’s important to not some mitigating factors here. Firstly, neither video specifies what format the game is being played on, although we can guess that it’s PS4 in the second owing to the button prompts. Even then, is that PS4 dev kit? Or just high-end PC?

And what of the new trailer. Is that 360 or PS3? Or even Wii U?

Also, Ubisoft’s target of a year ago might not necessarily be representative of what’s being offering in the game today. Saying that, the following footage from just last month looks pretty damn impressive:

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