Gfinity launch Tournament Builder Xbox One app

Gfinity’s Tournament Builder app is now available to download on Xbox one.

The free app allows Gfinity members to sign up for and compete in a number of Xbox One eSports tournaments as well as create their own competitions. Players will also be able to submit results directly from the app, and resolve any results conflicts meaning all their eSports action can be managed from their Xbox.

Players will be able to compete in Fifa 16, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rocket League and Halo 5: Guardians tournaments run by Gfinity as well as create their own events for other games on the platform. Within less than a minute players can set up their own tournaments, selecting the game, whether it is an invite only or open competition and what ruleset to use. A handy summary page allows players to see all their upcoming matches, as well submit and check recent results.

We are incredibly excited to launch our Tournament Builder app on Xbox One because like Microsoft, we are passionate about creating technology that is accessible to everyone – of all ages and abilities,” said Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity. Find out who is the best Rocket League player in the office in a head-to-head knockout cup; set up a Halo ladder for you and your mates to play in for bragging rights; or run your own FIFA league for your school…. It’s free and easy to use and perfectly compliments Xbox One’s Multiplayer features and we believe will make playing Xbox One games with friends even more fun!”

To celebrate the launch of the new app Gfinity are launching a new Rocket League tournament with over $2,000 on the line. In order to take part players must download the Tournament Builder app.

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