Gfinity outline 2017 plans

UK eSports organisation Gfinity has detailed its plans for 2017. Speaking to MCV’s sister site eSports Pro, Gfinity’s head of partner relationships Mark Wyatt spoke about the upcoming Gfinity Elite Series league, and even the possibility of hosting a follow-up event to its popular Gfinity G3 tournament.

The topic of G4 always comes up,” Wyatt told eSports Pro.I’d love to. I think we will, purely because G3 was so successful for us. We had a shit load of fun doing it, it was just an awesome experience. If the community want it then we will. The CoD community in particular have been very vocal about it.

"I can be a bit of a nightmare because every time I’m in Stratford I take a picture of the Copper Box and tweet it, which makes people excited or annoyed. So yeah I’d love to do another one, if the community want it, if the appetite is there, then it makes sense and we will definitely consider doing it.”

One thing that isn’t on Gfinity’s radar right now, though, is stepping up its presence in the Dota scene.

Dota is an interesting one for us in that we still have conversations about it, but again it’s about doing it the right way, because we can’t throw 20 million dollars into the prize pool," Wyatt added.

"Well, we could try, but I think we would struggle to get that one signed off on. We’d love to do a big Dota tournament, and I think the UK would enjoy it very much but it’s about doing it the right way.”

For the full story, head over to our sister site eSports Pro.

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