Ghost in the Shell Online hacking in to Western market

Nexon has confirmed that it is bringing its Korean online FPS Ghost in the Shell Online to the West.

The free-to-play title is on track to arrive in Europe, the Americas and Australasia some time this year, with beta sign-ups to become available in June.

The game itself is a team-based shooter affair, with lots in the way of futuristic weaponry and robotic shooty things that pop out of limbs and ting. Players are also able to ‘hack’ their powers into nearby players. Also expect much in the way of resolutely present-day microtransactions.

Nexon is a growing name in the Western games industry. Its titles include casual browser hit MapleStory and, most recently, Splash Damage’s latest outing Dirty Bomb, which recently entered closed beta on Steam.

The company has also handled Asian duties on a number of more recognisable titles such as EVE Online, Counter-Strike, FIFA Online and Dota 2.

Ghost in the Shell first arrived in Japan as a manga series in the early ‘90s. It became a recognisable name in the West when the first of two animated movies based on the brand was released in America and Europe later that decade.

A live-action Ghost in the Shell film, starring Scarlett Johansson, is also currently in the works at DreamWorks.

Here’s the game’s Korean trailer:

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