Global eSports sponsorship to smash £500m this year

Superdata expects advertising to account for more than half a billion pounds in eSports revenue by the end of 2016.

The data firm says sponsorship and advertising will account for the vast majority of money, far outstripping prize pools (60m) and betting (45m).

In fact, sponsorship now accounts for almost three quarters of all the revenue made by eSports businesses.

SuperData estimates that the worldwide revenue for eSports will reach 680m by the end of the year, with growth predicted every year until 2020 – when the market will reach 1bn.

By 2019, the company says eSports will have an addressable audience of 302m.

However, SuperData analyst Joost van Dreunen (pictured) warns that the eSports industry must continue to ‘grow up’ if it wants to secure more money and reach mainstream audiences.

To grow out of its adolescent struggle, competitive gaming will need discipline and a sense of accountability,” he said.

You can read more from Joost van Dreunen and SuperDatain our eSports Pro issue.

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