Global media rallies against #GamerGate misogyny

The world’s news outlets have finally started paying attention to #GamerGate and begun calling for action to be taken to stop its harassment of women.

Outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Forbes and New Statesman have lined up to decry its actions in the last 48 hours.

The New York Times even placed the issue on the front page of today’s paper edition, as well as covering it online. Meanwhile, others such as the BBC and The Guardian continue to criticise the attacks perpetrated by #GamerGate’s supporters.

Hell, even The Daily Mail has labelled the movement as a sexism scandal”.

The tipping point appears to be the threat made to Utah University by a supposed student who claimed that he would unleash a "Montreal Massacre-style attack" and the deadliest school shooting in American history” if the institution allowed Anita Sarkeesian to appear at a planned talk.

Kotaku reports that a retaliatory campaign using the hashtag #StopGamerGate2014 has gained great momentum, having been used 50,000 times in the last day.

That compares to 100,000 uses of the #GamerGate tag in the same period, although as the site points out, it is very difficult to ascertain how many use the both tags in support and how many in criticism.

#StopGamerGate2014 was trending worldwide for much of the day yesterday.

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